Monday, April 12, 2010


And so it begins, which should have begun a while ago. The new blog is up, and you're reading it (or ignoring it, but probably not if you've gotten this far).

A friend of mine who DJs here in Chicago (DJ Adapt, look him up) informed me of a very intriguing website (link below) of an LA-based fashion boutique store. ▲❍▼❏ (or GAS'D) was founded by artist/designer Imani Waddy, and is unique in the fact that its conceptual foundations are devoted to one simple message: L O V E.

Sure, it may sound like a 'hippie' notion, but in this day and age love is something to be valued. The sexy, minimalistic aesthetics of the street-wear brings a sense of fashion that is elevated to a higher ground. I'm quite partial to their jewelry, which is one-of-a-kind (unless they somehow find the unique pieces used to design them). Not to mention, their love-bike is awesome, with simple aesthetics that prevent it from being the atypical 'hipster' fixed gear.

THE MESSAGE : "GAS’D is a clothing line created to uplift the masses by relaying the message that “Love is Real”. We believe that there is a universal love in all of humanity, that is stronger than the ignorance and hate that seems to breed in areas of our world. We are ALL human … and humanity is what matters. Love for all humanity and each other can overcome so much in this life. GAS’D will forever embrace this ideal and use our art and our clothing to spread this message."

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